Guide to Dating Site Safety

The popularity of dating sites is evident from this statistics. There were more than 2.5 million people participating in online dating in the United States alone last month. Astounding figure, isn’t it?  And, if you are wondering why it is so popular, it is easy to explain. Where else can you get so much choice and that too from the comfort of your home? You can pick and choose who you want to talk to, interact with or relate to. Nonetheless, it is better to be wise while you have fun. Here is a ready guide about dating site safety which you must bear in mind while you are participating. Profile Authentication

The dating site industry has created an effective tool of profile verification to protect all subscribers. Since some people do try to post false identities, it is the responsibility of the dating site to use internet verification tools to protect their genuine subscribers from such frauds.

The dating site assures its subscribers of the authenticity of their subscribers by conducting profile verification through the trusted tool of credit card verification. That is why it is mandatory to provide your credit card information to the dating site as proof of who you are.

Reporting Software

Fortunately, now reporting software is available to catch miscreants. Dating sites have to use these reporting systems to be one step ahead of the persons who indulge in such activities. It helps them improve their verification processes by recording all the necessary information of fraudulent behavior. Then it sends out reports to the concerned dating sites who will deal with them.

Better be Safe than Sorry

Even when you are desperate to meet someone, you must not do so at the cost of your safety. Here are a few safety tips that you need to keep in mind when you start communicating with someone on a dating site. The rule of the thumb is to take the conversation further only if you are comfortable with the person at the other end.

Always start out slow when you meet someone through online dating. Don’t get excited at the prospect of a wonderful relationship. Go slow and avoid getting hurt!

Also, don’t put all your cards on the table. In other words, don’t give out personal information to anyone until and unless you feel absolutely sure that you can trust them. You can land into serious trouble if your personal information goes into the wrong hands. In fact, that is a way of finding out whom to trust. Just stay away from those who pressure you for personal information. You may want to block them from communicating with you, and even report them to the dating service where they are listed.

The two most effective tools are: common sense and caution. Trust your gut feeling and take decisions accordingly. Avoid getting excited and impulsive.

Ask for a picture of the person you are communicating with after the initial talk. After all, you need to have a better perception of the person. It also helps you find out how sincere the person is. If the person is hesitant to give you a picture, take this as a red signal and call off. There is something fishy there.

All in all, online singles dating can lead to an interesting and satisfying experience at various levels. Just keep your head on your shoulders and be patient, cautious and wise. It takes time to build relationships. Don’t be hasty.

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