Raising your Adult Dating Profile!

Your online dating profile is really important. Of course it is, because it can bring you friendship and love and it is worth taking time and advice on how to get it just so!
A good place to start is with what you like in other people’s online dating thumbnail sketches. What catches your eye and draws you in and what makes you gag and move on?An unusual and catchy title will make surfers want to dive in for more. You really want something that calls out in a friendly way rather than screaming “WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT”. The standard ‘Hi my name is blah blah blah’ will only get you ninth place on someone’s’ browsing list. What you are is more intriguing than your star sign or worse, a question about their favourite colour.

Give a picture of what makes you tick rather than how you are. For example say you are quiet, meditative with a love of good books rather than a conscientious, studious librarian. The bottom line has to be: Be honest and put your assets in a good light. Untruths will trip you up sooner or later. Of course if you are looking for honesty in a partner you will never find it with dishonesty.

Steer clear of the ‘come on sexy’ thing unless of course you only want one-night stands. Worthwhile relationships will be built without mentioning sex in your profile. Adult dating services are not the sites to trade bodily fluids. There are better places to find the excitement and problems that one-night stands will bring.

When describing yourself go for entertaining, and honest creative and funny. Here is a poor example. I’m sure you can do much better: I have the perfect weight for the body of six feet basketball star, but unfortunately I’m short of that by just one foot. Give free rein to your sense of humour it says more about you than all the formal descriptions. And talking of formal if you use a photo make it casual rather than studio posed.

Finally a word of caution to give only your first name and use a separate email account exclusively for dating services. Share your last name and genuine personal information when you are ready to and as sure as you can be of the integrity of your new friend.

Value yourself and others will do the same. Singles dating online will be a wonderful source of friendship and companionship at the very minimum. And there is always the chance of discovering your soul mate with the very next click of your mouse.

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