Which Online Dating Service?

People just want to meet other people and online dating has become the latest way to do it. Whether you are looking for a ‘penpal’ or a partner for life the Internet is becoming the vehicle of choice for friends everywhere. The unfortunate image of escapist nerds is fading fast.

The online dating process

Online dating is in fact now the second most popular activity on ‘The Web’. A really interesting question is why? The contemporary world keeps everybody very busy and time saving is probably a big part of the chat room explosion. The cyber world of mating also allows many preliminaries before actual introductions. Surfers provide an individual personal life summary for inclusion in their chosen dating site files. The magic matching process then takes place. Online dating users know for sure that when they make the next step of contacting the compatible person, then they too are looking for love.There is someone for everyone but the gender ratio is rarely 1 to 1. The range on any one dating site can vary from 58 percent female to 42 percent male and all points between. The main impact of this is in the number of matches possible will vary dependant upon your own sex.

The variety in online dating

Some online dating sites are free when joining. They probably make money from the advertising to be seen there. Unfortunately because they are free some people use them for amusement. Playing at the dating game or even pretending to be someone else. For the serious love searcher the chances of wasting time on these sites is greater.

The free dating websites are unlikely to be as scrupulous in weeding out the timewasters as those that offer a more authentic service. The validation checks to identify false identities probably don’t take place with the free sites. If they don’t ask for credit card validation there is no way to be sure the user is who they say they are. Or more importantly there is no way to ensure the age restrictions are enforced. Children can play around in such sites.

The alternative online dating services are those, which take money in return for proper introductions. For serious people, searching for more meaningful relationships, it is recommended to find such a site. You will need to give your credit card information and have it validated before getting into the dating pool. You also have the reassurance of knowing that any matches that come your way have done the same.

The better online dating sites continuously review their pool of relationship seekers. The aim is to remove people who have not called on the matching process for a while. A good question to ask before committing yourself to a dating site is; how is the database updated?

THe feature of chat room

Another important consideration is whether you want an online dating site with a chat room or not. Some sites have them while others prefer to keep the introductions less random. If your pleasure is to ‘chat in type’ then be sure sign up with a site that gives this service, but take all the sensible precautions if you date a fellow ‘chatroomer’.

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