Singles Dating Vs Online Dating? Don’t Shoot the Messenger

It’s a common human experience to endure one or two unfortunate would be romantic rendezvous’ in our lives. Singles dating or online dating can equally be the starting points for embarrassing encounters. Everyone can share their own war stories such as the perfect singles dating setup, where well-intentioned friends introduced you to a neurotic vegetarian. Or the eloquent dating site buddy who face to face stuttered and stuck you with the restaurant bill.Misleading first impressions and phoney profiles are pitfalls to be wary of in both online dating and the old-fashioned singles dating. For the novice, a phoney profile on line can lead to real problems. You can be as honest as the day is long, open and frank in sharing your profile online. But beware the wolf in sheeps clothing looking to waste your money and your time.

Wolfie makes up a profile in rapport with yours. Leading you on to feel there is the bud of a real romantic flower. You chat online and by phone and they are ‘all ears’ and empathy and just what you are looking for.

You agree to meet first time in nice cosy but public coffee shop. Good decision, lets not rush things. The first slight misgivings start when you have to pay the whole bill because Wolfy was in such a rush and tizzy not to be late for you, that the wallet stayed at home.  That’s understandable, cute even. Can’t wait to tell the friends about the love interest. You talk yourself into a second chance.

This time you meet at a swanky new restaurant because you both like experimental morsels on huge black plates.  You dress to impress and arrive early to find a parking place.  Good food, good wine, good chat and good god you’ve let Wolfy know your home district and they’ve seen your car.

Guess what? Wolfys’ credit card is just out of date and the replacement one isn’t validated yet. So you end up paying again. You decide to cut your losses, change your email address and kiss this waster goodbye. Wise decision, move on, who needs that.

Days later someone kicked your back door down while you’re out and helped themselves to all your hard-earned possessions. They’ve left traces and the slime leads the cops straight to Wolfy’s door. So you get your stuff back but it’s tainted somehow. Wolfy’s been arrested but you still feel foolish. OK you saw through the disguise but gave away enough clues get yourself robbed. Should you risk online dating again? Or is singles dating just as risky? Truth is that Wolfy and co are out there online and in the real world. We want to trust, we want to like but we just need to take that extra care. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Take aim at the phonies and follow these simple guidelines for safety online.

* A distinct dating email address that leaves Wolfy with no trail to follow because you drop it at the first hint of teeth.

* Agree up front to share the bills. It’s only polite and shows equal commitment. If Wolfy forgets the wallet leave him to do the washing up.

* Don’t give a false address, why should you be dishonest just because someone else may be. Best not to give any clues at all until you’re sure.

* Your car is like a second home. Don’t let first daters see it at all.

* Use only a pay as you cell phone it can’t be traced back to your billing address and you can change the number easily if you need to.

Wolfy is the exception rather than the rule. They will be prowling whether you are singles dating or online dating. So take care and enjoy your love hunt without becoming the hunted.

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